«The heaven weeped. Wonderful Aniko Constalation left them to give gladness and beauty here, on the Earth… There is nothing to forewarn the tempest… Joke. The theatre was filling. The voices were buzzing, the bells were ringing. The lights goes out and applause is heard. Just here and all begins. The stage was blown up! Explain… the curtain arose, a seachlight flashed up and fire-red whirlwinds fly up in dizzy rhythm. There is not destruction there. There’s no guarantee that there won’t be a sarcifice. When the music grows silent, there was an ovation squall there. Again the light, again the music, again the dance. And again applause squall and cries of «bravo». The pictures change each other as though in a fairy caleidoscope. There are tumults of colours, sounds and motions. The youth, beauty and talent give themselves to all…
And that`s the finale bow… the magic is finished. ( Did you notice? The best always has the properties of finishing rapidly). The lights are switched on. The Spectators stand applausing for a long time. Does it seem to you, dear reader, that too much admiration is given here? Do not judge too strictly. I would not like to be trite, but» It is better to see it once than to hear it one hundred times…» But I like to wish you very much, that ANIKO BALLET would light up your firmanent at least one time».

O.Kondratjeva, «Vinnitsa oblastnoy ezhenedelnyk».

«unusual interesting, original school — contemporary dance by Aniko language. The unique plasticity, expressive hand shape. There is marvellous polyphonic choreography, displaying interesting attitudes, softly and simultaneously — sharply, exactly. All their «sounds» like the notes — harshly and impulsly».

I. Antipova, «Private newspaper». c.Kremenchuk

«Her choreography connects the classical and modern. You say it is no surprise. Yes, we know the bright choreographers of the modernity which surprise us with such a connection, but there has not been such a choreographer in Ukraine, which could so boldly create on a classical basis… modern, complete, bright, full liric, pity, pain miniatures about life and death, youth and love, treason and faithfulness.»

A.Afonina, «Kiev visnyk».

«The ANIKO BALLET so beautiful and interesting, that sometimes it seems as though you see another reality. Human feelings, fears, emotions and wishes suddenly played on the stage in all of their full nature.»

O.Karelina, «Vinnitskie vedomosty».

«..Or has the music wings? Or can we fly with its help and staying close by it?.. There are people which have known the feeling of flying. They breathe by the music, merge with it in the dance of gladness and love to life, the subdued dance of time and space. These people are similarly line, wave, flowers, butterfly, voices, dreams…
It is not enough to say, that ANIKO BALLET subdues the spectators. They burst into our lives as a spring breeze, as a clear song. And time has stopped. And we stopped. And our eyes were opened. And we saw another harmonic and majestic world.
The ballet with its aesthetic orientation varies from the light transparent impressionistic style to the sharp expressionistic manner combined with drama dynamism. In composition with dynamics and actor skill, choreograph language creates real miracles. These were not simply choreograph miniatures «Cry«, «Bolero«, «Fancy«, «Rondo«, «Temper» etc. These were universes, which were borne and developed in the soul of every spectator to live on and influence him, to create in him more good, more gladness, more happiness…
Artistic Director and choreographer this original troupe Aniko Rechviashvili — bright, creative individual with her own unique individual style and verified taste. Her staging — successful synthesis of classical ballet with modern choreograph directions.

I.Snarskaja, «Private delo», c. Poltava