The choreography of Aniko Rekhviashvili.

The program of two acts, consists of the choreograph miniatures.
Cast — 14 persons.

First act:

1.»Festivo«. Mus. G.Chernenko «Festivo».
Life RHYTHM is sometimes the rhythm of the long-anticipated take-off and unforeseen falling. Its impulse changes, as well as its mood and colours.

2.»Night sorceress«. Mus. G.Reverberi «Tiepolo»
Only SHE which has powerful over his desires, can fascinate and tempt.

3.»Tempter«. Mus. G.Reverberi «Splendore di Venezia».
There are two men. Each of them hopes that he will be a first… But she is a Woman. She knows how to behave herself so that each of them thought that he is exactly that. But…

4.»Three voices«. Mus. G.Reverberi «La Giudecca».
In great diversity of colours there are three hues, which supplements each other, but each is unusual and unique.

5.»Else instant«. Mus. G.Reverberi «La Giudecca».
It remains just a little, a very small effort. But sometimes it is too much for human possibility and… all is finished.

6.»Cry«. Mus. G.Reverberi «Prestige».
Desperate, unhuman cries escape their souls! They rush about, fly into a rage, and we cannot look at this indifferently…

7.»Four kisses«. Mus. J.Sibelius «Valse triste».
Real form arises from the charming music of Sibelius. She is graceful and aerial; he is sure and all absorbing. He takes her in a sudden longing of the waltz and little by little destroys her by his overpowering influence.

8.»Karmina Burana«. Mus. Orf

9.»Soul«. Mus. E.Maracone

Second act:

1.»Presentiment«. Mus. G.Reverberi «I Preparativi».
The sense of approach something genuine and unknown. It soars in space and inspires us by a mysterious force.

2.»Mad thoughts«. Mus. Z.M.Zhar «Rendez-vous».
Fantasy. How many interesting thoughts can it inhale into us. And what fascinating state it can cause.

3.»Joke«. Mus. G.Reverberi «Torcello».
Wonderful mood, and therefore all seems merry and playful there.

4.»Fancy«. Mus. A.Vivaldi «Four seasons».
It is somewhat whimsical. He is so fascinated by her, that he cannot rationalize with himself and cannot give himself a piece of advice…

5.»Solitude the two of them«. Mus. A.Vivaldi «Four seasons».
There is already quite another mood of eternal music Vivaldi. They have inspiration for improvement. But they are doomed to loneliness in this desire. And even over-human outburst to break from this state does not help them.

6.»Two roses«. Mus. G.Reverberi «Regata Dei Dogi».
Scarlet and white roses — magic symbols of two characters and images. And suddenly the miracle occurs… one is bright and burning, the second is mysterious and inconceivable and they lift slightly a screen of their beauty.

Butterfly«. Mus. G.Reverberi «Arabesco».
The light and aerial existence of the butterfly astonishes and carries away.

8.»Woman«. Mus. E.Maricone

9.»Lilak«. Mus. G.Reverberi

10.»New day«. Mus. G.Chernenko

11.»Tango«. Mus. A.Piazzolla

One act ballet. 20 min.
Mus. G.Reverberi «Visioni di Venesia», «Ultimo Incontro», «Note Venesiane», «Accademia» and «Venti d`Oriente».
Cast — 14 persons.
Eternal movement, search, discoveries, and repeated search. Movement of spiral, sometimes down, sometimes up. And instantly can dash and all limitations and borders are destroyed. And yesterday dies, and today arises before our eyes… harmonious, but nevertheless temporary.

One act ballet. 17 min.
Mus. M.Ravel.
Cast — 14 persons.
Inexhaustible energy, which seems to appear from nothing. It is gradually increasing, interacting with itself. Similarly, the waves… it goes rowing and then subsides. It magnetizes us and hypnotizes. Suddenly, an explosion takes place, which destroys everything instantly in order to repeat over and over everything from the beginning.

One act ballet. 60 min.
Mus. A. Vivaldi.
Cast- 14 persons.
The people are like elements of nature — simultaneously, so similar and yet so different between themselves. But they cannot even draw near to their opposite. Thus the summer cannot draw near to winter and the spring never catches up with autumn. And no force can violate this eternal law — a universal mystery.